Even with modifications this level is tough. My arms and core are a bit sore and I’m so exhausted I would love to have a nap. Instead I have to work for a few hours and then I’ll relax.

Squeezed in the workout after babysitting but don’t have time to wash my hair, so I’ll be a bit greasy until I can get home and have a soak.

Looking forward to the last workout of level one tomorrow. I’ve seen so much improvement so far so it will be good to change it up and challenge myself again.

Using 1kg hand weights upped the intensity for me, especially the anterior raises. My mum did it with me (without weights and lots of breaks - but still a workout)

Don’t think I’ve lost any weight but my trousers don’t feel quite as tight which was the main goal.

Part of me is looking forward to level two for the change in routine but everyone says its super tough which frightens me. I struggle on level 1!

Took a rest day yesterday and so found it a bit hard to get in the swing of it today. Taking the DvD with me to my parents house and will be using heavier weights, so I expect it to get tougher.

Completed without any pauses! I can feel my endurance improving already and I’m starting to do the beginners modifications less.

Feeling less sore today. The jumping jacks/push ups still wreck me but I’m pushing lower into the squats.

Enjoying some nice peanut butter on wholemeal toast now before heading to work. I didn’t want to exercise this morning but I’m glad I pushed through.

Day two in a routine is always the hardest for me. Woke up very stiff and a little sore. Powered through day 2 with only a 10 second pause to sip some water after all those jumping jacks.

Yesterday I ate well, except for two handfuls of cashew nuts which were delicious but pushed me over my calorie limit.

Day 1 of 30 Day Shred.

Only took a few breathers during level 1. Was covered in sweat. A few hours afterwards and I can already feel the soreness coming on, but I’m glad I’ve started.

Desperate to get back to this. Age 18 - 105 lbs

Desperate to get back to this. Age 18 - 105 lbs

Had my 23rd Birthday and I was crying because I hit my highest weight again. Returning to a stricter (but healthy) diet and already less bloated and better poop (tmi sorry). Lost 0.8 lbs. Today I’ve had tea and a biscuit, Weetabix with semi skimmed milk, a fat free yogurt and I’m making a low calorie chicken curry tonight. With the 30 minutes on the elliptical I can still have a chocolate bar and be net 1200.